Abdel´s experience from Siria

Abdel´s experience from Siria

Hola!! My name is Abdel Hamwi, I’m from Syria, studying and living in Poland. I did three months internship at Menis Architects. I will write briefly about my Menis experience, because if I will go to details I can write a BOOK. It was an AMAZING experience!! In both ways, as junior architect this internship was a good chance which leads me to a successful future, through gaining more skills in architectural field by contributing to my education and my passion for Architecture. I learned a lot. In addition to the architectural experience which I got from this internship , I also met a lot of professional people from architectural field who gave me really important advices about implications of real life in architecture , as well I practiced foreign languages, and I learned how to work with a big team . As personal part of my Menis experience I can tell that I got real lovely family in the office and I really miss them so much (Fernando, Dulce , Gisela, Elli, Emilia, Ada, Juan ……), I was working between Madrid and Tenerife. Madrid was for me beautiful ,crazy and never sleeping. TENERIFE is a real paradise! Sun, beaches, amazing nature, lovely people and so Yummy Food!! In Tenerife we were working and after work we were enjoying the life! I would like to thank everyone from Menis’ team for everything they did for us specially Fernando and Dulce, I wish I could live this experience again!!because of the professional and personal benefits. LOVE YOU ALL A.HAMWi

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