Once upon a time at Menis ….

Working in an architecture office was a big adventure for me because I am not an architect, but let me tell you that after 2 months I’m not disappointed at all!! It offers me the opportunity to discover new things by following projects from the beginning to the end.

As I worked with Elisabeth, the international coordinator, I could speak English on top of Spanish so I could improve not only my Spanish level but my English too.

Moreover, at Menis they trust you 100%, they let you do  your work as you want  and they let you show all your competences and they use it. They are always open minded to new ideas , so don’t be afraid to propose new things.

Last but not least , at Menis you feel like in your  family you meet people from all over the world you link with them and leaving them is really bad.

Alia Ben Mansour