Installation Light on The Edge

Installation Light on The Edge

Biennial of Art, Architecture and Landscape in the Canary Islands

The Project “Luz al Límite” (light on the edge) was part of the I Biennale of Art, Architecture and Landscape in the Canary Islands 2006 and the context was the exhibition “Especies de Espacios” (Species of Spaces) directed by Juan Gopar, artist from Lanzarote.

The project proposes simple answers on how to raise up the quality of life within a difficult landscape with particular environmental conditions (wind and sun). The aim is to improve public spaces by minimum means (a wall and a tree) and bring new life to previously neglected places with a low-cost strategy. These protected areas help public communication and generate a new and more comfortable urban life, new spaces with new public functions are created with minimal intervention: tunnel and light.

Architect: Fernando Menis

Location: Arrecife. Lanzarote. Spain.

Use: Installation.

Status: 2006 Project.

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