In brief: it was great! – Yury Butenko


All the Tenerife experience shifted my life – to its better quality.

To be honest, I was in a deep despair while compiling my portfolio in cold Russian winter…

But after sending my documents to “Menis”,

I was rewarded by destiny when suddenly understood that got invited to Tenerife!

At least 5 days a week we were busy with a number of architectural competitions in the studio. It’s a pity we didn’t win ZIM in Samara but everybody remember: we did our best. And despite we might get very tired, it was rather easy to relax during the weekend especially due to the Tenerife’s nature and environment. In my opinion, we had a great team. Thank you all, amigos! Thank you for creative and friendly atmosphere. I’ll remember all the parties and trips we shared.

Best regards, Yury.

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