CKK Jordanki in Torun

CKK Jordanki in Torun

Multifunctional Concert Hall “Jordanki”

Awards: 2008 Competition 1st Prize  /  2010 Winner of Future Cultural Project at the World Architecture Festival (WAF)

Architects: Fernando Menis

Location: Torún. Poland. 53°00’50.0″N 18°36’06.0″E

Use: Cultural

Structure: Reinforced concrete

Materials: White concrete and red brick

Client: Municipality of Torun

Total built area: 21.837 m2

Budget: 51.025.731 euros

Status: Competition 2008, Project 2011. Construction 2011-2015

Day of inauguration: 12th December 2015

Description: The Jordanek plot is located between the Torún’s old town, protected by the UNESCO, and the new development area of the city. This is why the Municipality of Torún asked for a building which, inserted into a wider programme, could solve its planning by a fine integration of the cultural and natural landscape. The half of the plot is planned as a park since the nearness of the green area requires a big free space. On the other hand, the panoramical view from the river, quoted as the second “miracle” of architecture and landscape in Poland, must remain untouched therefore the height of the Music Hall must be as low as possible.

Multifunctional Concert Hall “Jordanki” in Torun gives a solution for the fusion between old and new and that is achieved also through the materials which are going to be used for its construction. For the interior, bricks are going to be used as a recall of the façades of the old town. For the exterior very clear, almost white concrete is going to be used and in some place it is “broken” by some cracks which reveal the interior coating. The façade reinterprets the traditional handicraft of the bricks and establishes a parallel between the tectonics of the city and the strategic situation of the plot. The 2 colours -red and white – are also a way for outlining the relation between the traditional use of bricks and the technology and modernity of new urban developments.

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