(English) Interns tour around projects

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Entrevista a Maura Schmitt

Entrevista a una de nuestras becarias arquitectas de Alemania sobre su experiencia en Fernando Menis:     Si quieres leer más sobre su experiencia: http://menis.es/en/thank-you/

(English) Rana Salah

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(English) Maura Schmitt: «THANK YOU»

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Gracias, Tenerife! y… hasta pronto!

Conocí a Fernando en Roma, en una conferencia que tuvo en mi universidad «La Sapienza», justo después de graduarme como arquitecta. Al ver sus proyectos y su manera de hacer la arquitectura, ¡me quedé encantada! He tenido la fortuna de tener una experiencia en su oficina de Tenerife durante 5 meses, desde febrero hasta junio…

A Life-changing Experience! Nicole ZhiXin (August 2015)

Half a year ago when I was in my studio in Hong Kong, I had no idea that I would spend my summer in Spain and have one of the best memories of my life. At the time I was in the penultimate year of my undergraduate study. I wanted to have an internship that…

Memories that will never fade away… by Bozo Benic

When the Croatian Chamber of Architects published an offerfor professional training placement in a foreign architectural office, as part of the ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ mobility program, in June, 2013, I had no second thoughts about whether or not I should apply. I knew that internship in a office outside Croatia was an excellent opportunity to…

It was amazing experience, in every way! – Iva Dubovecak

Working at Menis Architects I learned how international team works. The atmosphere in the office was always interesting and fun, with all that young people moving around. Everyone is open to new ideas and suggestions, and communication in team is very important. I learned a lot from Fernando, about his way of making architecture. He tried to explain and show to us how he…

I enjoyed every moment of my Tenerife experience – Jana Mikulic

I was lucky to have an incredibile opportunity to be a part of Menis team. This experience exceeded my expectations by every means. I met lot of great and inspirational people guided by one of a kind – Fernando – whose architecture speaks for itself. Unique, mistic, emotional, way beyond three dimensional architecture. The Island…

I was amazed of the variety of this island – Erika Barth

Spending 2 month by Menis Team in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, gave me the chance to improve my skills regarding competition projects. For me it was a great opportunity to see things differently and to understand some basic concepts of our environment. I am really glad, that during this period I met some admirable people…