Christmas lighting on the island of Fuerteventura, Canary Islands.

La Oliva is a municipality in Fuerteventura, one of the Canary Islands, in Spain, which has been relying on tourism for decades. Until now it has attracted tourists through standard ways and recently is looking for ways to stand out internationally through new means of attraction.

In this sense, with reference to its neighbouring island, Lanzarote which, thanks to the interventions and works of the artist César Manrique, benefits from declared spaces of Cultural Interest that make it a special tourist destination, unparalleled in the world. With this context in mind, the current mayor of La Oliva commissioned the architect Fernando Menis for the design of the Christmas lighting and with the following objectives:

  • Greater claim in attracting buyers and tourists since the viability of many neighbourhood stores rely on the sales they make during these days;
  • Greater quality in the design and adaptation to the culture of La Oliva, traditionally linked to the sea and fishing;
  • Turn the Christmas illumination of the area into a new, even more powerful focus of tourist attraction;
    raise new environments for Christmas lighting, such as the sea;
  • Create a sustainable lighting in terms of energy consumption and using recycled materials;

Based on these premises, Menis proposed a design and a series of facilities that recycle objects and material abandoned by children and tourists in the hotels of La Oliva, such as inflatable floats, surfboards, beach toys, etc.