1. Masterplanning
  2. Architecture
  3. Interior Design
  4. Architectural Lighting Design
  5. Structural Engineering
  6. Landscape architecture
  7. Urban design
  8. Environmental Planning
  9. Project Management

With focus on custom design , sustainability and specific materials. Offering all the design stages:


    • Preparation: Appraisal and Design Brief
    • Design: Concept, Design Development and Technical Design
    • Pre-Construction: Production Information, Tender Documentation and Tender Action
    • Use: Post Practical Completion


      1. General Information

          1. Duration: 3 months (minimum)

          2. Commitment: Full-time


Are you an graphic design, art, design, tourism, marketing, administration, management, communication, history, philosophy, student or a graduated one looking to obtain working skills in a creative environment?
Experience the thrill and rewards of working in an environment where a selected multicultural team engages in cultural projects and exhibitions among others in the day-to-day work of a cultural institution. As an international art place, birth-place of surrealism, located in Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain) where internships last a minimum of 3 months, we give interns the opportunity to get acquainted with the reality of the profession in a global world and bring their ideas and creativity in the process of the creation of current ART works. We seek for highly creative interns with passion, ambition and a positive attitude for every task.


Be part of the MENIS team!
Send your CV and Portfolio (PDF file less than 10mb)

The general role the interns will be performing is as follows:
– Getting acquainted with the work method and working conditions of the host cultural institution.
– Getting acquainted with the art culture and regulations of the country according with the project being developed;
– Developing communication skills in a foreign language;
– Developing designing software skills and other methods of designing
– Preliminary analysis and research on information regarding the art projects being developed by the Tenerife Art Center during the placement.
– Brainstorming support
– Research on Culture.
– Delineation of 3D plans
– Exhibition and project design for tenders and competitions

Years of Experience required: No