Examination of possible textures can take concreteIn the study we reflected, researched and materialized different finishes and textures can take concrete. By internal procedures (combining components in different proportions) or external (combining different types of forms or by post-stripping treatments).

Concrete and ceramic

Research study of a piece of combined concrete and ceramic bricks for the project Jordanek Music Hall in TorunFor the project Auditorium Torun Jordanek we have investigated about a new material combining traditional architectural materials such as ceramic brick and concrete, trying to create a new material that brings the qualities of them.


Use of porous materials (picon canario) and sound absorption for the Holy Redeemer ChurchIn the Holy Redeemer Church, in La Laguna (Tenerife) we have reinterpreted a traditional Canaries material: the “picon”, which by its volcanic nature and its high porosity material has proven very effective as an acoustic absorber.

Light at the limit

Research on the use of photoluminescent pigments applied to the outside. “Light at the limit”The project “Light at the limit”, which falls under the First Biennial of Art, Architecture and Landscape of the Canary Islands 2006, is to reassess the quality of life in a privileged environment, with minimal lighting conditions.

Titanium and concrete

Research on the use of duralumin and titanium in combination with concrete to the project of a church in the United StatesFor the competition of a multi center in San Antonio, Texas, we recycled from old duralumin and titanium of military aircraft, along with concrete, to generate a combination of reflections between the volumes of the project.