Fernando Menis wins New & Old WAF´s award.

Museo Sagrado and Plaza de España in Adeje. Photography © Simona Rota.
The Spanish architect Fernando Menis wins WAF´s award in Singapore with his work for the Plaza de Adeje in Tenerife. The jury highlighted the transformative nature of the project and its significance as a new way to appreciate the city’s identity.


In the project, a great public space is generated in the surface: the main square of this touristic city, and an underground space for the ne Sacred Museum. The plot corresponds to Plaza España square, Grande Street in Adeje, on the edge of Barranco del Infierno ravine and the buildings between the Church and the ravine. There are 2 well differentiated essential elements: on one side there is the Sacred Museum of Adeje and on the other side the rehabilitation and widening of Plaza España square.

The museum is a half buried building with an upper space used as cafeteria, open to the natural landscape that surrounds it. In the underground floors the space will be developed for exhibitions. Plaza España square is expanded widening its surface twice and a half times than the original square, creating a permanent stage and a space underneath destined for municipal offices.

The materials used combine rough and polished concrete and basalt.

World Architecture Festival (WAF).

WAF is the largest global event of architecture, where professionals present the most innovative projects. In this 2012 edition this festival opens to Asia, taking place in the main center of the design as is Singapore.

The WAF movement brings with oneself unprecedented opportunities to for the zone East meet the West, thus offering the inspiration, developing its worldwide network and a plan of new projects. In few words WAF «is alive excellence of the architecture».

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