Rolans from UK

My general experience has been very good at Menis architects. The reason why I went to Fernando is because I really liked his style of architecture. It has always been dynamic, well purposed and with great impact on local culture. As soon as I arrived I got a chance to work on exhibition stand for Fernando. The challenge was there, as we had very little budget and we still managed to deliver a quality result. Fallowing that I helped on some visuals for competitions which I also enjoyed. Finally I had an opportunity to go to Milan and work in graphic design area, which I didn’t enjoy as much, but I still did it, because I am always comfortable to work and experience something new and except new challenges. I was also kindly invited by Dulce and Fernando to see a private event, which I absolutely loved. Both Fernando and Dulce know very important and talented people and they were kind enough to introduce me to them. As my internship was coming to an end I slightly touched on a Spanish Pavilion exhibition in Biennale for Fernando’s Presentation which was very interesting but a shame that I didn’t get a chance to go there and help with construction.

I really enjoyed working and meeting Fernando in person. I saw new places, gained new experience, met new people. I was even considering staying in Spain, but because of the economic reasons, I had to return to UK. I was very pleased with my 6 months of internship it thought me a lot. I believe, partially, because of this experience I have successfully found my appropriate employment as Retail Designer.

with_Dulce With-Fernando

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