Transversatility in Vivancos

The present moment in which we approach work on Benicàssim may be idyllic. The whole city changes and is in a continuous process of transformation since its genesis. The idea of city is increasingly understood as an open object and enhanced, in flux, as an accumulation of facts and phenomena that come complete or degrade – in any case will transform it. No closed cities, tight or passive.

The open possibility of physically connecting the center to the coast, suggests these territories from now as a whole. We unleashed a third objective which is to discover and project the possible points of contact between the two. In this way can be generated strategies for enhancing transversality into the set. All this is understood as a tool with diffuse character and permeable to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the current frame to bring the different parts of the city together.

The desire to interrelate these two areas involves different situations: first, the city brings something of its essence to the coast and, in turn, the coast brings to the city its character. Also there are new situations involving the characters of both areas at once, incorporating a new aims to improve the whole entity.

The objetives are to redirect the main source of economy of the city to a more stable tourism and with a higher purchasing level. To do this, should be proposed a commercial, cultural and leisure offer more interesting for summer tourist which allow them use not only the activities of the coastline. The tourists can approach and go into the city with the ease and interest to know and participate in it as well. In parallel, this can extend the tourist season with complementary activities to those of summer , as conferences, conventions, nature tourism, sports tourism, and so on.


Fernando Menis and Enrique Fernandez – Vivancos


September 2005


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  • Fernando MENIS


  • Carlos MERI
  • Eduardo de MIGUEL
  • Miguel del REY
  • Jose María URCELAY


  • Cristóbal AGUADO
  • Maria DOLORS
  • Regina APARICIO
  • Javier ARAGÓ
  • Jonathan ARBANAT


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  • Pruden ARNAU
  • Juan Jose BAENA
  • Neus BENEYTO
  • Miriam BERMEJO
  • Ricardo BOIX
  • Sergio BRUNS
  • Beatriz CABRERA
  • Silvia CADROY
  • Genoveva CASTELLANO
  • Juan COLOMER
  • Vicent COLONQUES
  • Josefa DÍAZ
  • Elena FORTES
  • Beatriz GARCÍA


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  • Yolanda HERNÁNDEZ
  • Lara LLOP
  • Karsten LLORENS
  • Nuria LUJÁN
  • Alfonso VICENTE
  • Miguel MARTÍNEZ
  • Sofía MARTÍNEZ
  • Alejandro MARTÍNEZ
  • Juan Miguel MARTÍNEZ
  • Mónica MARTÍNEZ
  • Marc MEDINA
  • David MIR
  • Rita MONFORT
  • Andrea PEIRÓ


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  • Andreu PONS
  • Juan VICENTE
  • Amparo PRIMO
  • Eva Maria RAGA
  • Isabel ROGER
  • Maria Pilar SÁNCHEZ
  • César TRUJILLO
  • Aitor VAREA
  • Paula VIDAL


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