Pabellón de Deportes Ana Bautista

Manuel Oraa Architecture Award

1st Prize

The site where the Rhythmic and Olimpic Gymnastics Sports Complex is located lies in a half-moon shape strip of land, next to Barranco Santos ravine in the Canary Islands, future axis of green architecture in the city of Santa Cruz. Versatile and functional architecture.

A light curved roof that rises above the floor in the shape of a wave and falling over the recessed square to let direct access to the upper stands.

The structure is solved with ten laminated-wood arches, which leans on five metallic columns before a large linear window, simulating five gymnasts supporting the 40m of light and 16m of height structure.

Architects: Fernando Menis, Felipe Artengo Rufino, José Maria Rodriguez Pastrana.

Location: Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain.

Use: Sports Complex.

Materials: Steel, concrete, wood.

Status: Completed 1993.

Client: Santa Cruz de Tenerife City Council

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