El Proceso Arquitectónico para Menis Arquitectos: Premisas

Fernando Menis explains the architectural process that he follows every time he is facing a new project: “It begins with a thorough analysis of the architectural style in which it will be worked , different experts in the subject will be studied, both historical and current, previous influences from their own and other projects, intentions and initial ideas, sketches and conceptual models and how these evolve until the accomplishment of the required function. The seeking of inspiration in the site is also a fundamental issue in Menis process.  Other principles of the process are the multifunctionality of the look as a priority requirement, always in dialogue with the sensitivity of discovering the place where the building will be located.  We continue with the research analyzing the innovation process with concrete and all aspects that influence the construction of these buildings from the mixture between reason and emotion, what we have done in other works, what have we learned, and so on. “


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