Auditorio y Palacio de Congresos de Morro Jable

Awards: 2008 Competition_ 1st Prize Description:

Located in a privileged position, above the beaches at South Fuerteventura, the building emerges through the excavation and the mimesis with the site. Textures, colours and finishes answer to this aim, creating a piece which recalls a broken rock, coming away from earth.

It is a sponge building, able to adapt to different situations and events, flexible, equipped with well balanced acoustics also prepared for different types of events, designed for low energetical and maintaining costs.

Technical Data: Architects: Fernando Martin Menis

Location: Pájara. Fuerteventura. Spain

Use: Cultural

Total built area: 3.566 m2

Budget: 6.000.000 euros

Status: Project

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