The book “MENIS” is out now!

Our book ” MENIS” edited in Korea by Archilife has been released and will be soon in the bookstore.

For the essays of this book, we had the great honour to have contributions by Barry Bergdoll (MOMA NY) and Luis Fernández Galiana (Arquitectura Viva).

CREDITS EDITION: Publisher: Kim Yong-kwan, Editors: Shim Jae-yeun, Shin Kyung-mi, Photo Editor: Kim Yong-kwan, Graphic Design : DAM design, Han Hyun-jung, Translation spanish – English: Michael Doerneman, Kateryn Lorenzo, Simona Rota; Supervision: Production: Simona Rota for menis arquitectos, Contents: menis arquitectos (Fernando Menis, Victor Lledó), Documentation: menis arquitectos (Victor Lledó, Maria Ibañez) and Berta Prieto, Graphic Design: menis arquitectos (Victor Lledó) and Maria Berga


ISBN 978-89-964508-2-5 93610, Printed in Republic of Korea, Archilife Publishers, #802 Garden Tower 98-78 Unni-dong Jongno-gu Seoul Korea



CREDITS CONTENTS. Texts by: Barry Bergdoll, Luis Fernández Galiano, Fernando Menis, Dulce Xerach; Photos and graphic contributions by: Teresa Arozena, Jaime Bravo, Florian Bolk, Jordi Bernadó, José Roberto Delgado, César C. J. Torben Eskerod, Miguel de Guzmán, Roland Halbe, Christel Lehmann, Marcel Mettelsiefen, menis arquitectos, Karolina Mysiak, Next Gene Project, José Oller, Efraín Pintos Barate, Simona Rota, Torsten Seidel, Hisao Suzuki, Uwe Walter, Kim Yong-kwan; Special thanks go to ARENA, Teresa Arozena, Jaime Bravo, CEPSA, César C. J., Luis Fernández – Galiano, Miguel de Guzmán, NEXT GENE Project (Yu Tung Liu), Efraín Pintos Barate, Torsten Seidel

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