Operación Puerto-Ciudad en Puerto del Rosario


The main objective of this intervention is to integrate the city and the seaport, establishing new relations between the town and the sea. A collection of spaces are projected in this reunion between the city and the sea, multiplying and linking new activities that generate an engine for the economic development of the city.

The master plan is flexible and executable in stages, recovering and integrating the elements of heritage value in the future city project.

The continuity of the city towards the sea is through three different actions, responding to three different situations of port activity. On the one hand the continuity of the road network provides a new direct link to the commercial dock. On the other hand, the urban fabric extends above the Avenida Reyes of Spain related to the new cruise ship dock. Finally, between both the port and the Leon and Castillo Rambla meets the sea creating a huge delta, a new square.

Architects: Fernando Menis

Felipe Artengo Rufino, José Maria Rodriguez Pastrana.

Location: Puerto del Rosario. Fuerteventura. Spain.

Use: Urbanistic.

Status: Competition 2004.

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