Convocatoria para participar en los Talleres del Festival Hatching



Open call to participate in the workshops of the Festival Hatching that will take place between July 10-14 in Fuerteventura, in the Canary Islands, Spain. The expression of interest to participate in the workshops can be done until May 20, 2019, by email at with the subject “Festival Hatching”. Participation at the workshop is free.

Under the direction of the architect Fernando Menis, the Festival revolves around the possibility of creating life in desert or semi-desert areas, through the symbiosis between tradition and new technologies, natural energy and manipulation of form. The Festival develops from an expanded vision of architecture and provokes its interaction with the performing arts, the plastic arts, literature, music, philosophy and design. It is a meeting of architects, artists and professionals to exchange knowledge and inspire each other when it comes to reflecting on solutions to some of the problems that climate change is causing, such as water scarcity, erosion or high temperatures. The program will include lectures, dialogues, concerts and workshops in which representatives of different disciplines will be mixed

This workshop is part of the Hatching Festival, supported by: Canarias Cultura en Red-Gobierno de Canarias, Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte de España, Cabildo de Tenerife, Fundacion Caja Canarias, Fundacion La Caixa.




Wednesday, July 10: 

Villas, 15:30h-18:30h: Participants arrive, Workshop starts, starting models of small hatchings

Casa de los Coroneles, 19:00h-20:00h: Opening lecture by Fernando Menis and teachers


Collateral events:

Casa de los Coroneles, 20:30 – 23:00h: Contemporary dance by Cristina Hernández and DJ party with DJ Rodrigo Monzón


Thursday, July 11:

Casa de Vela, 9:00h – 17:00h: Introduction students and research


Collateral events:

Casa de los Coroneles, 17:30h – 19:00h: Workshop `Razón y Emoción´

Casa de los Coroneles, 19:30h – 23:00h: Opening exhibition  “El Verano de nuestras vidas” and contemporary dance by Paloma Hurtado within Tank Festival


Friday, July 12:

El Cotillo Beach: 7:00h – 13:00h: Workshop. Development proposals


Collateral events

Casa de los Coroneles, 18:30h – 19:00h: Film screening within Tank Festival

Casa de los Coroneles, 19:00h – 23:00h: Exhibition opening, screening documentary, Discussion “Martín Chirino, Islands and Spirals”, contemporary dance, DJ party with DJ Rodrigo Monzón within Islands of the Future Festival


Saturday, July 13:

Casa de los Coroneles, 18:00 – 23:00h: Exhibition “Hatching” and closing party


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