Honor Award of the Faith & Form and AIA Interfaith Design International Award for Religious Art and Architecture

The Holy Redeemer Church received a Honor Award from the Faith & Form International Award for Religious Art and Architecture, an annual award organized by the American Institute of Architects through its Interfaith Design knowledge community in conjunction with the organization Partners for Sacred Places and the editorial Faith & Form.

The Holy Redeemer Church has received an Honor Award within the `Religious Architecture: New Facilities ́ category in an editon disputed by 92 projects from around the world, of which a total of 16 works have been selected, from United States, Japan, China, Thailand, Rwanda and Spain. The awards ceremony will take place on June 23, in Chicago, within AIA’s annual convention.

About the Holy Redeemer Church, the jury comments: “This is an amazing work. It appears as if blocks of stone have been chiseled and hollowed out to create spiritual spaces in their use of light and texture. It creates intimacy and warmth. The interior surfaces also enhances the acoustics. Structural components are expressive. There is particular attention on acoustics and daylighting”.

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