Fernando Menis en la Universidad de Wroclaw

 The architect Fernando Menis will give a postgraduate course at Wroclaw University of Technology where, among other things,he will explain the process of the work Multifunctional Concert Hall “Jordanki” in Toruń. The postgraduate course “Investment Process and Construction Solution in MENIS Architecture” by Fernando Menis, will take place at the University of Technology in Wroclaw (Poland), in the first week of February. This course has a total duration of 15 hours, in which the cosmo of his projects will be explained, the methodology of the projects developed by the studiowith current promising achievements of various projects in different countries like Poland, Tenerife and Switzerland. Menis will present an architecture started from the reason and conceived from the emotion, based on the conceptual base of his architectural thoughts that he named The Process of Reason and Emotion.

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