Green low cost

This workshop is part of the programme “Laboratory of ideas for the islands of the future”, which should reflect and deepen the possibilities for future urban development in the different islands in the world considering that in all the islands there are symbolic aspects involved in their development in a decisive but often unconscious way: islands, since from the earliest times of mythology, have had a magical aura, provoke desires of meetings, and semiotic oppositions between the known and unknown, the inside and the outside, the indefinite and the defined, as inseparable from the existence of borders, boundaries, limits, islands always evoke the opposite: the exuberance, on one hand and the limit on the other.

In this sense, the aggression that has led to mass tourism in fragile areas like the islands, receiving too many tourists, not always equipped with the necessary infrastructure to support the invading contingent has caused that it has been jeopardized even the identity itself of the residents in the area, who are often outnumbered by visitors.

This workshop has as its core concept and primary goal, to recover the potential of the landscape of the Orotava Valley, a place, which by its physical, environmental conditions and its weather, has a diverse native spectacular vegetation.

For this aim, a number of actions has been planned in certain places that have potential qualities to become natural areas that can benefit both the valley residents and the visitors.

All of them, have the common bond of the revaluation of natural surfaces that have been forgotten or have suffered a terrible degradation, through low cost interventions – Low Cost.

Green Low Cost

Workshop of Architecture and Urbanism

La Orotava. Tenerife

November 2010


[column size=”1-4″ last=”0″ style=”0″]Director

  • Fernando MENIS


  • Víctor LLEDÓ
  • Simona ROTA


  • Beatriz Matos
  • Óscar RUEDA
  • Ana LUENGO
  • Ignacio BOSCH
  • María Luisa GONZÁLEZ


  • Barry BERGDOLL
  • Nick Mc MAHON
[/column] [column size=”1-4″ last=”0″ style=”0″]
  • Marisa TEJEDOR
  • Wolfredo WILDPRETT
  • Ricardo HAROUN
  • Christian GRUESSEN
  • Fuensanta NIETO
  • Hanns-Dietrich SCHMIDT
  • Mª Dolores CALAMICH
  • Pilar ROIG
  • Dulce XERACH
  • Fernando ASCANIO
  • Lucía DOBARRO


  • Fernando AROCHA
  • Miquel BIBILONI
  • David BIENES
  • Johanna BURKET
  • Julius BLENCKE
[/column] [column size=”1-4″ last=”0″ style=”0″]
  • Fernando CABALLERO
  • Antonio CAMPOS
  • Cesar GUERRA
  • Daniel LORENZO
  • Fátima ASCANIO
  • Fermín DELGADO
  • Gunter GASSNER
  • Gustavo GONZÁLEZ
  • Helena PÉREZ
  • Javier ESTEBAN
  • Josep RAVENTÓS
  • Manuel SALCEDO
  • Marcelino PELAYO
  • Álvaro CARRILLO
[/column] [column size=”1-4″ last=”1″ style=”0″]
  • Ana DÍEZ
  • Hyunjong KIM
  • Alejandro LÓPEZ
  • Iker LÓPEZ
  • Alejandra MONTESDEOCA
  • Sofía MORALES
  • Thomas PAULIAC
  • Ramón RIERA
  • Belén RODERO
  • Alejandro RODRÍGUEZ
  • Héctor RUIZ
  • Nuria SALVADOR
  • Natalia VERA


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