Interview on TV Telma: SHARE Skopje 2019

SHARE Skopje International Architecture and Engineering Forum brings together principal and senior architects from leading practices to discuss and gain inspiration from each other. The conferences are accompanied by debates focus on the local architectural issues and exhibition of innovative architectural solutions, product and services.

On February 19, in Skopje (capital city of Macedonia) Fernando Menis‘s lecture opened SHARE Skopje 2019 

Fernando Menis on TV Telma talking about the need to make cities more livable for everyone, not only for the citizens of the center according to “Skopje 2014” project. In Telma’s interview, Menis also talks about the challenges of contemporary architecture, linked to the creation of a healthy environment.

“Skopje 2014” is a project financed by the Government of Macedonia,  with the purpose of giving the capital Skopje a more classical appeal. The urban reconstruction project is the biggest infrastructure investment in the entire Macedonian history.




Here you can find the link to the whole article on official website of  TV Telma.




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