The best of the decade

In MENIS, perhaps the best of the decade has been the economic crisis. It may seem pretentious, or a contradiction, but the economic crisis that devastated our profession, architecture, in Spain, from 2009 to the present – because even now that 2020 arrives we have not recovered the good times, nor the Good contests, nor good architectural practices in this country – pushed us towards deepening our willingness to become international, to work abroad. We had started working in Berlin and Cape Verde much earlier but the crisis led us to the best of our decade: working in Poland and in Switzerland.

In Torun, Poland, we have been able to complete a building dedicated to culture: the Concert Hall CKK Jordanki that has filled us with awards and international recognition while in Switzerland we completed a small public square in the snowy mountains of Bürchen.

Here, in the Canary Islands, little by little, and with much effort from the Bishopric of Tenerife and the patrons, we have been able to almost complete The Holy Redeemer Church in La Laguna.

This, together with all the interesting people we have met in many places in the world as well as the dialogues and interesting conversations we had with them, are the best of the 2010-2020 decade.

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