Casas de Lujo, diseñadas por FERNANDO MENIS

“Fernando Menis’ luxury houses represent a unique concept of houses, a unique and different Luxury. They are homes to live in, the place where we daily build the emotion that we call living.

When the architect creates a home to live in, he thinks of one that has the strength of a fortress and at the same time that provides a pleasant living space. A unique space, which allows the separation of the private life from the outside world. A safe place to live.

The interiors are simple but at the same time imposing, giving a sense of stability.

The people who have had the opportunity to live in, or even visit, one of the houses of the architect agree that they do not leave anyone indifferent.

The best example is the architect’s own house, the MM House. A house located in the center of the city of Santa Cruz on the island of Tenerife. This house is probably one of the most awarded in the Canary Islands, includes Manuel Oraá de Arquitectura Award and it was finalist in the FAD Award. It has been published in numerous journals such as On magazine and  Arquitectura Viva magazine.

Examples of other Fernando Menis’ houses are Moscardó House in Tenerife, Agora Garden Luxury Tower in Taipei, the LAUREL Building, houses for Next Gene 20 in Taiwan and homes for Abama Hotel, Ritz Carlton Company, etc. . ”


Dulce Xerach

Doctor in Architecture


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