Magma Arte & Congresos

Awards: 2008 XI Venice Architecture Biennial 2007 IX Biennial of Spanish Architecture 2007 Accessibility Award SINPROMI 2007 Architecture Award Nomination 2007 Awards Nomination Mies van der Rohe 2007 Finalist in the IX Biennial of Spanish Architecture, Magma Arte & Congresos 2007 Manuel de Oraá Award 2005/06 FAD Awards Finalist 2006

Description: MAGMA Arts and Congress appears as a reference point amongst anonymous buildings. The semi-desert landscape around it and the proximity of the sea, an imposing presence that frames the building establishing a strong relationship between both, an impressive view over La Gomera island, are the starting points of the concept of the building. Thirteen geometrically shaped blocks emerge out from the base housing all the functions such as offices, toilets, cafeteria, etc. and creating a light movement that generates the flow of the roof, outlining the space in every direction. In-between these pieces there are the public spaces: hall, conference hall and congress hall, which accommodate different activities with a varying degree of division.

Technical Data:

Architects: Fernando Menis, Felipe Artengo Rufino, José Maria Rodriguez Pastrana.

Location: Adeje, Tenerife. Spain. 28°04’10.0″N 16°43’36.7″W

Use: Cultural. Concerts Hall and Convention Center.

Structure: Reinforced concrete and steel. Materials: Reinforced concrete, local stone, steel.

Status: Built 1998-2005.

Client: Canarias Congress Bureau Tenerife Sur S.A.

Site Area: 27.784,47 m2.

Total Constructed Area: 20.434,44 m2.

Cost: 28.962.181 €; 1.417,32 €/m2.

Photographers: Simona Rota, Jordí Bernadó, Hisao Sukuki