Parque Marítimo del Puerto de la Cruz

Awards: Competition for the Urbanization Project of el Puerto de la Cruz, 2007. 1st. place Competition for the redaction of the Special Distribution Plan of el Puerto de la Cruz, 2004. 1st. place Main project idea: Restore the original water line of the front, creating a link between the city and the sea, to generate a new urban landscape between the coast and the historical district of the village. Maritime Regeneration and Multifunctional Building in Puerto de la Cruz: The town of Puerto de la Cruz has always been an example in the history of tourism on the Canary Islands as a pioneer in tourism development; It is therefore a mature and well experienced destination that has suffered the consequences of time and, despite its undoubted value, needs a major renovation. Taking advantage of the creation of the new port area, we present a complete regeneration of the whole waterfront, which, together with creation of a multifunctional area around the waterfront allows intervention of a large-scale urban regeneration. According to these needs, the recovery of the original position of the waterline is considered. It disappeared in the 50s and 60s with the construction of a shoulder wall and a huge esplanade with maritime defence purposes. To achieve this, we take advantage of the Canary Islands Seawater Current and a water sheet with a width varying between 25-40 m, linking the sporting use of the port and the performance of nautical activities in a controlled area, which also brings a high added value to the port area. On this recovered coastline area and parallel to this water sheet, the multi-purpose buildings are placed. To create a new focus of economic centrality and urban regeneration the harbour is provided with a number of services that will transform the port area into a whole new economic area. Architect: Fernando Menis Location: Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife. Spain 28°25’06.6″N 16°33’06.2″W Use: Urbanistic. SeaPort Distribution. Structure: Concrete. Materials: Concrete. Competition date: 2004. Status: 2016 Concept Design. Area Parque Maritimo: 82.000 m2. Budget: 36.508.185 €.



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