Menis exhibits at ARCO Madrid 2012

The Espacio Cultural El Tanque de Santa Cruz de Tenerife, is celebrating its fifteenth anniversary at ARCO 2012 with Fernando Menis as a special guest.

Fernando Menis is the co author and head of the architectural restoration (1997) that turned an old oil tank of a Refinery, the tank 69, in what today is internationally renowned for its daring cultural contents, El Espacio Cultural El Tanque. At the stand at ARCO 2012 (from 15 to 19 February), you can enjoy the installation designed by Fernando Menis including various models made of concrete such as The Tanque itself as well as the Church of the Chumberas among others. The stand is curated by Dulce Xerach, vice president of the Association Amigos del Espacio Cultural El Tanque.

But the star of the proposal is a jewel that the architect Fernando Menis designed especially to honor the anniversary of the tank, a piece that comes at the intersection of architecture with art, fashion and design, made of two materials as diverse as concrete and Swarovski crystals. At ARCO a limited edition of the ring will be selling presented into a booklet with photos that show the space in use during its 15 years of activity. The ring, as the author explains “is inspired by the shape of the cultural center of Santa Cruz, is a building in miniature” and the process of design and construction has followed patterns very similar to those followed at the time of designing a building, but in this case to a different scale.



Organizer: Asociación de los Amigos del Espacio Cultural El Tanque

Curator: Dulce Xerach

Project stand. Original idea: Menis Arquitectos. Author: Fernando Menis

Support team stand project: Víctor Lledó, Rolans Novikovs;

Process of design and construction models for the stand: Fernando Menis, Moritz Krefter;


Original idea : Menis Arquitectos. Author: Fernando Menis;

Process of design and production of rings: Zuzana Tomeckova;

Process of design and production of book-box: Kiruna Roselló;

Investigation and study about concrete: Pedro Serna, Esteban Camacho, Instituto de Ciencia y Tecnología del Hormigón (ICITECH), Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Lafarge

Support team: Line Beernaer, Isabel Nolte, Manuel Devesa, Bernardo Ramírez, María Ibañez, Antonio Martinez, Víctor Lledó, Rolans Novikovs


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Simona Rota

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