Mobility, tourism, innovation

In order to understand the situation in Adeje and the reasons behind this workshop, we must first have an aunderstanding of the current tourist model and its origins i nthe beginning of the 170s. During these years, the southern part of the island of Tenerife underwent a boom in its tourist industry primarily within the context of its undeveloped land, for all intents and purposes natural, and with ideal conditions for promoting the sun and the beach, complemented by the numerous and varied landscapes that make up the island. This situation, combined with its incredibly affordable cost with respect to other tourist destinations in Europe, resulted i nthe urbanization and filling of this formerly agricultural land in less than a decade. The system turned into a series of leisure “oases”, subject to tranportation infrastructures lacking spatial qualities, whose only functions were to assure connection to the rest of the island.

After these “colonies”, the model became expansive and repetitive until the point that it began to imply a stagnation of the area´s possibilities and those of the entire island. As time goes by, new destinations offering new landscapes, usages, and climates appear as competitors to the now “traditional” tourist destination, generating identities that through branding, (from Las Vegas to Dubai) turn into unique and attractive tourist enclaves. This, together with the charter flights that segregate tourism and the necessity to maintain a certain level of earnings in the sector, have resulted in the fact that up until now the only evolution has been with the objective of increasing quantity but not quality.

Movility, turism and innovation
Taller de Arquitectura and Urbanismo

Adeje. Tenerife
March 2005


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  • Fernando MENIS


  • Simona ROTA
  • Carlos LAPRESTA
  • Esther CEBALLOS
  • David ARIAS


  • Álvaro CUELLAR
  • Luis FALCÓN
  • Julián GALINDO
  • Auxi GÁLVEZ
  • María Luisa GONZÁLEZ
  • Eva LLORCA


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  • Vicente MAS
  • Nick MCMAHON
  • Francesc MUÑOZ
  • Lluís ORTEGA
  • Juan ROLDÁN
  • Joachim SCHULTZ
  • José A. SOSA
  • Charles TASHIMA


  • Adela RUEDA
  • Afroditi LEFKADITI
  • Albert MARÍN
  • Ariadna PERICH
  • Bentejui HERNÁNDEZ


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  • Cesar GUERRA
  • Daniel LORENZO
  • Fátima ASCANIO
  • Fermín DELGADO
  • Gunter GASSNER
  • Gustavo GONZÁLEZ
  • Helena PÉREZ
  • Javier ESTEBAN
  • Josep RAVENTÓS
  • Manuel SALCEDO
  • Marcelino PELAYO


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  • Miguel DÍAZ
  • Miriam CASTRO
  • María del CARMEN
  • Monserrat PEINADO
  • Natalia LÓPEZ
  • Radoslaw CEZARY
  • Rubén GINORIO
  • Stefano DAL PIVA
  • Theodor SANSAKRIT


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