Exposition. CajaCanarias

Main idea of the Exhibition

Thanks to an invitation by the CajaCanarias Foundation, Fernando Menis will be inaugurating his exhibition at the CajaCanarias Cultural Space on November 10th 2015, in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. This exhibition is a summary of his career based on experimentation and innovation in architecture. Fernando Menis is a company with international dimension and therefore the idea of exhibiting this sculpture goes beyond its exhibition at the CajaCanarias Cultural Space, focusing on several European cities throughout the year: Zurich, Berlin, Torun and Krakow in Poland, as well as Hong Kong. The main idea of this exhibition focuses on the creation of a sculpture characterized by its big dimensions – 3mx3mx3m – representing a combination of architect Fernando Menis’ most important works throughout his long professional career. The multiple number of works and projects during more than 30 years of architectural work has led Menis to experiment with a sculpture that will act as a temporary “building” whose main purpose is inviting visitors to discover the values, attributes and most notorious characteristics of his architecture, based on the integration in the landscape and vibrant nature of the islands. This exhibition will show Fernando Menis’ most important and current works: CKK “Jordanki” in Toruń, Poland (to be inaugurated in December 2015); Holy Redeemer Church in San Cristobal de La Laguna; Magma Art & Congress in Adeje; Sacred Museum and Plaza of Spain in Adeje; Swimming Pool in Spree River in Berlin (Germany); Auditorium of Pájara (Fuerteventura) or Bürchen Square (Switzerland).


The main material of the sculpture is FoamGlass, which is used primarily as a building isolation. The use of this material is not a coincidence as it has an intimate connection with Menis’ works:  its distinctive features are present in numerous projects, such as the already mentioned CKK “Jordanki” and Hatching. Due to its 3mx3mx3m dimensions, the total material used is 27m3. In addition to it, the exhibition will consist of photographs, videos and models.