Athletics Track in la Loma del Colmenar, Ceuta

Technical data:

Architects: Fernando Martin Menis

Location: Ceuta, Spain

Use: Sports. Athletics Stadium.

Structure: Reinforced concrete

Materials: Concrete, local stone

Status: Project 2010

Client: Autonomous City of Ceuta

Description: The project is understood as a point of reference worldwide. It´s location, near the border with Africa, will become a place of encounter and exchange of culture between Europe and Africa.
The integration by the environment and surrounding landscape becomes one of the key objectives, without this time losing the character of monumentality and a unified vision.
The project includes the historical tradition of Ceuta, the old city walls and fortifications. Means the track as a large space surrounded by “city walls” of stone.

The East´s wind becomes the engine that drives its first position in the plot. The best orientation of the track in the NE-SW axis, minimizing the impact of wind on the athletes and it´s why we will build a windbreak that will adapt to adverse situations in their development, giving the stadium a great dynamism.

The building settle in the site taking advantage of the uneven terrain. Through land clearing and embankments the project be offset the platform is built for the track to level +37.00 m With the extracted material to construct a perimeter of stone embankment that surrounds and protects the track, reducing implementation costs and environmental impact.