Rana Salah

I got to know about Fernando Menis and his works when he visited my university a year back. I admired how he has a very clear and passionate view that can be seen in his work. I would’ve never imagined that I will be coming to Tenerife to intern for him one year later. It was a long trip to get to Tenerife, but the experience was definitely one of a kind. The office is fun and interesting to work in. it is filled with young people from different places and background, which made my stay very interesting and enjoyable. Aside from the great social environment in the office, my work experience was also remarkable. I never expected that as an intern I would be given important tasks for the project development instead of the repetitive work that is usually given to interns. The tasks I was assigned ranged from large scale to small, and alternated between digital modelling, physical modelling, hand sketching and drafting. I got to move around between different project and work with different architects in the office, which made the internship much more interesting and useful. My ideas were listened to and taken into consideration. When interning in the office, I felt I was part of the team, and I was making a difference in the project. I also got to learn more about Fernando’s vision, and what amazed me is the passion he holds for his work.

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