Frente Marítimo de Cabo Verde

Boa Vista Island, Cabo Verde Archipelago, Africa


The Master plan refers to a part of the seashore in Boavista, one of the 10 volcanic islands in Cabo Verde. The island is almost desertic which leads one to sensations almost disappeared in any other part of the planet.

The project aims the complete integration of the unique environment with a hotel program of high density. It is why the project protects the values of the territory as a touristic reference, working on the basis of four areas understood as “islands”: the economical touristic island for a quiet and relaxing tourism, the island of golf-resort made of bungalows and hotels which won’t be higher than the vegetation around, the island of the seashore with higher density and at that point the project submerges and then it rises up with small towers which culminate with a peak into the Atlantic. Finally, the island made of luxury villas for an exclusive tourism.

Technical Data:

Architect: Fernando Menis

Location: Boavista. Cabo Verde.

Use: Urbanistic. Seaport Distribution

Status: 2008 Project.

Client: Ayuntamiento del Puerto de la Cruz.


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