Badeschiff. Piscina en Berlín

Badeschiff . Swimming Pool in Spree River

Awards: Competition, 1st prize Finalist in the Spanish Architecture Awards VIII Biennial of Spanish Architecture Finalist in the IV Urban Public Space European Award Selected for the Venice Architecture Biennale

Description: Keeping on with the tradition of public baths on the Spree at the end of the 19th century, the project understands the city in a closer relationship with the river through a floating swimming pool in it. It is a swimming pool inside the river, in the center of the city of Berlin, an old boat as those which can be seen everyday carrying construction materials. An old boat is converted into a swimming pool, with a “beach” made of wood platforms in which people can relax and enjoy. This swimming pool has become a city and touristic icon in Berlin, regardless its small size and low cots execution cost. A second project, by Gil Wilk Architekten and Thomas Freiwald makes possible to turn this swimming pool into a sauna during the cold season.

Technical Data:

Architects: Fernando Menis F.A. Rufino, J.M. Rodriguez – Pastrana with Gil Wilk.

Artist: Susanne Lorenz.

Location: Berlin. Germany. 52°29’52.6″N 13°27’13.4″E

Budget: 400.000 Euros.

Building surface: 240 m2

Status: Built 2004.

Client: Stadkuntprojeckte e.V. Berlin, Heike Catherina Müller.

Company: Ute Schimmelpfennig für m.o.l.i.t.o.r. GmbH, Berlin.

Contractor: MBS-Márkische Bunker und Service GMBH & KG, Berlin.

Photographers: Florian Bolk, Uwe Walter