Gasolineras Texaco

Tenerife, Canary Islands

Texaco Service Station, for Texaco Petroleum Company located, one of them, at the entrance to the Wholesaler’s Central Market, Mercatenerife, and the other one inland, in Tenerife Island, respond to a plain client-oriented programme of needs in an industrial and schematic way: a small office, two petrol pumps and a minimal shelter.

The structure is projected in a similar way as the profile of an oil drilling rig, showing Menis continuous game with industrial architecture since his studies years in Barcelona.

The light-hearted symbolic nature if these structures, although being considered low cost architecture pieces, is enhanced by using Texaco company’s colours and building materials themselves. This unique piece of architecture, small and economically sustainable, projected Menis, from very young, to the small but solid Star System of Canarian Architecture, since it was the first awarded work in the history of the Architecture of the islands with the Manuel de Oraá Award.

Manuel Oraa Arcuitecture Award of Canarias

Architects: Fernando Menis, Felipe Artengo Rufino, José Maria Rodriguez Pastrana.

Location: Mercatenerife. Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Use: Service Station.

Structure: Steel.

Status: Completed 1983.

Client: Texaco Petroleum Company.

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