Plaza de Bürchen

New Square in Burchen, Switzerland, work of the Architect Fernando Menis.

The inauguration of this square, built on Bürchen, Switzerland, took place on the 11th October of this year. This intervention in a public space, will be a new attraction where tradition and timeless design will be in harmony.The peculiarity of this square is due of its distinct characteristics: the illumination and the used materials for the construction. The illumination will work as a play of lights and shadows that will be changing, interacting this way with people that will be walking there.  Different lights will be also changing according the season of the year.   Local materials were used with the purpose of combining modernization and at the same time as a way to preserve the natural landscape and views. The use of timber as the main material, with its large local history, allows the reopening of the timber factory, generating employment in Bürchen. This was a challenge to rethinking and reconsidering a place for the foreseeable future, a touristic space that can be also characterized by its breathtaking nature.

This will work as an economic engine for Bürchen by increasing tourism, generating a positive synergy of the village.