Bodega en Crimea

Technical data:

Architect: Fernando Menis

Location: Rodnoe Village Balaklava Sevastopol Crimea region, Ukraine 44°54’20.2″N 33°47’59.2″E 

Client: Uppa Winery

Status: Under Construction

Constructed area: 480sqm

Budget: 1.045.000 euros

Description:Using the natural topography of the site near the access road, the winery is coping the landscape line and integrates itself into the surrounding. The means how the building enters into the landscape is inspire by the nearby mediaval city-stronghold – Eski Kremen. The mystic rooms are dug up mechanically into the rock and it is hard to notice there is some artificial impact in the nature. The openings, creating the amazing views, let the light enter in the interior by the most extrordinary way.