From Santa Cruz to Santa Cruz – Kunal Chadha

Always was fascinated by the Holy Redeemer Church but never did I expect that I would work for MENIS ARQUITECTOS. I met Fernando in Mumbai at the 361 degree conference where I discussed my areas of interests, got an immediate response from him and I joined in, a month later. The studio works around the eccentric Fernando Menis and his enthusiasm and a treasure of ideas. I could’nt have asked for more from first internship. It has taught me how to conserve your work ethics in today’s market and yes not to forget, swimming. The island of Tenerife is nothing but paradise for me. Always something new to do, something new to discover and the only thing that made this better were the other international interns.The sole reason why I could enjoy my stay in Tenerife. All from different backgrounds and creative ideas with common bases. Would like to thank the entire Menis family ( Dulce, Eli, Amalia, Dacil ) for all their help and care. Love you and miss you all. Kunal Chadha


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