Paul Gutleben

I discovered Menis Student Program by chance and when I was selected to take part of it,
I didnʼt quite know what to expect. But after the 2 months I spent in Santa Cruz, I have to
say that this experience was definitely great!
On one hand, I had the opportunity to work on one big project, a resort in Switzerland. I
spent almost all my internship on it, which enables me to see all the projectʼs evolution,
from the first sketch until the final presentation. I really appreciate the way we were
involved in the conception and the importance attached by Fernando to our ideas!
On the other hand, I really enjoy the human part of the experience! I met people from
everywhere, I had the pleasure to work with them but I also created strong relationship!
Moreover, all of us loved the environment. Indeed, itʼs really comfortable to work while
living in a shiny and landscaping island!
The combination of these ingredients created a great cocktail! I just regret that my contract
has only lasted 2 months!

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