Zofia Roguska

My experience at Menis
Tenerife is a great island! Vulcanic landscapes, warm climat, welcoming
cities (especially Santa Cruz) and great people! You can feel all of it
at the Menis Studio. There you feel like at home. The atmosphere at the
Studio is very nice. You work with other talented students from all over
the world!
You learn a lot form them, and with the time spent on Tenerfie, they
become your best friends! You design with a big group of experts – with
Fernando, with arquitects from the other studio in Madrid, with other
students. You share your ideas. You will also work on models- and I think
that it’s very useful!

I think, that the time spent at Menis Studio showed me a lot of new
possibilities. I will always remember the people that I met there, it was
a wonderful journey!


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