Concrete Ring

Architects: Menis Arquitectos

Material: Reinforced concrete

Client: Espacio Cultural El Tanque

Budget: 200 euros

The rings symbolizing the 15th anniversary of the Espacio Cultural El Tanque (Cultural Space The Tank) have been conceived and designed by creating a geometric and conceptual abstraction of the cultural space. For its preparation, the association Los Amigos del Tanque (Friends of the Tank) invited the architect Fernando Menis, who carried out the conversion of the oil deposit into cultural space back in the ‘90s, to design an object that recalls the building at a different scale. That was how the idea of a “Ring for a Building” has come out. The rings, made of reinforced concrete, are one of the smallest pieces that exist in this combination of materials, and that are generally used in architecture. In this case, the materials have been studied and investigated to behave optimally in the small size of the rings, eventually designed and built as a small-scale building. The rings, which are shaped like the groundf floor of the tank is adapted to the ergonomics of the fingers, studying the angles, materials, textures and finishes to achieve an attractive piece, comfortable and unique. The area of access to the cultural space has been translated to the ring by using Swarovski crystals that arise out from the concrete, symbolizing the particular energy that the semi obscure space of the tank hides. The large number of colors, brightness and facets that can take these jewels are intended to reflect the large number and variety of performances that have gathered in the tank during its the past fifteen years as a cultural space. The circular inner vacuum where all artistic manifestations occur, is preserved in the ring in shape and proportions.