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  • Industria de Artes Gráficas en Sintra

    Aiming for the maximum industrial functionality of the project, an extended volume rises along with the production process. The rationality of the container compatible with the morphologically unique facades and roof, enhances the corporate image of the complex. The factory becomes the mechanistic metaphor of its 40 m long printer, fed by an enormous endless…

  • Gasolineras Texaco

    Tenerife, Canary Islands Texaco Service Station, for Texaco Petroleum Company located, one of them, at the entrance to the Wholesaler’s Central Market, Mercatenerife, and the other one inland, in Tenerife Island, respond to a plain client-oriented programme of needs in an industrial and schematic way: a small office, two petrol pumps and a minimal shelter.…

  • Jordanék Music Palace _New graphics

  • Concrete Ring

    Lafarge includes Menis Arquitects ring in a video documentary about the potential of concrete

  • Aeropuerto Tenerife Norte

    Tenerife North Airport is one of the busiest airports by passenger traffic in Spain. We present a green and sustainable intervention: The exterior of the building includes many green areas, reflected on the interior by means of arboreal branch-like structures, which seem to bring the outdoor nature inside the terminal room, giving to the architectural…

  • Edificio-Sede de la Caja Rural

    Competition announced by the financial company Caja Rural This office project is conceived from a fusion between the existing industrial landscape in the vicinity of the land and primeval rocks emerging from the ground. It aims for functionality and energy sustainability of the building. 2001_ Competition 2nd prize Architects: Fernando Menis, Felipe Artengo Rufino, José…

  • Concurso de arquitectura para la Plaza de España

    Prize in Competition announced by Port Authority The existing urban space between the city and the sea offered a poor image of the territory; city-port and sea coexisted without apparent connection. The city seemed to turn his back to the sea. The architecture seeks to reconcile the Earth and sea energy. The main objective of…

  • FINALIST! at the Public Space Prize.

    Our project Sacred Art Museum and Plaza in Adeje is one of the 19 finalists of this important European prize. Check here the awards, mentions and finalists


    Fernando Menis will lecture at ASIA University in Taichung on the 17th of April at 15.00h. For more details check:


    Fernando Menis will lecture for Studio X Mumbai, on the 12nd of April, at 18.30h Studio X Mumbai is part of the Studio X Global Network Initiative promoted by the Columbia University New York