Zim Area Development in Samara, RUSSIA

Technical data:

Architect: Fernando Menis

Location: Samara, Russia

Use: Urbanistic

Status: 2013 Project

Client: Delta-Stroi

Description The years of buzzing excitement for the realization of the ZIM district in the historical city of Samara, next to the Volga, are coming to their fruitful conclusion. In approaching this design challenge, talents and the vision for this area are wielded in bringing this urban project to life, trusting in an unique and singular perspective that might weave the disparate elements of history, program an phenomena towards a richer experience of place, generating a greater vitality and connectivity to an iconic urban environment within Samara. As the district undergoes a transformation to modernity it will take a new shape, and permanent cultural, natural, recreative destinations and other facilities will enable a new way of living in the new sub center of the city. A contemporary self-sufficient center is born within the city Samara.