It was a wonderful time of my life – Katarzyna Wirkus


  I’ve never spent a long time on such a small piece of land before I decided to get an internship at MENIS Arquitectos thus a few weeks before my departure I subconsciously started to worry. It was unnecessary. The island is a magnificent place – if you like nature, you will be getting amazed by its charms repeatedly! It is geographically rich – the landscapes are diverse and wonderful.  It could easily become a place where you can be simply happy because of the everyday shining sun and unique splendid stuff around. The experience takes place in Santa Cruz, the city where you can also find inspiring examples of contemporary architecture designed by Herzog and de Meuron, Santiago Calatrava and of course Fernando MENIS!

In the MENIS studio it’s always a friendly, familiar atmosphere. I’ ve worked with talented people – we could exchange experiences and share our knowledge. Sometimes we’ve been overwhelmed with a lot of work but it was always interesting and absorbing material. We’ve worked on an awesome competition Bürchen Mystik in Switzerland, get involved in the concept very quickly and as a result won it! Fernando has very sensitive specific approach to architecture – for everyone it’s worth to have a chance to work with him.

Thank you for the experience, MENIS Arquitectos! It was a wonderful time of my life.

Katarzyna Wirkus

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