Thank you, Tenerife! and… see you soon!

I met Fernando in Rome, at a conference at my university “La Sapienza”, just after I graduated as an architect. I was fascinated with his projects and his way of approaching architecture!

Then I had the opportunity to undergo a five-month work experience in his office in Santa Cruz, from February to June 2018. It was one of the most beautiful times of my life!

I was able to work in a team of young people from all over the world while improving my English and my Spanish at the same time, I also got to see wonderful places on the island, meeting many very nice and very professional people, many of whom are still my friends!

In Menis we worked as a team, really cooperating, each one putting his skills at the disposal of the others, learning a lot, and in a relaxed but productive, very positive atmosphere. It was very stimulating for me. In only five months I worked on so many different projects, located in different places in the world; from Boa Vista, in Cape Verde, to Helgoland, in a German archipelago, to the very territory of the Canary Islands. I participated in international competitions and took part in the different phases of projects such as the study of cities, the revitalization of urban squares, museums, maritime fronts and much more, from planning to the design of construction details, also making photo-realistic images. In summary, it was a very wide experience!

In addition, the people of Tenerife are very welcoming and warm, so it was a pleasure to live there! And the work team was great, even outside the office! It was easy to make friends and to create a group. After work we often went out together or went on excursions on the weekends.

The landscapes that can be visited on the island are really spectacular! very different from those you can see in Italy but equally of a unique beauty, with their nature and their colors!

I have always loved Spain and from now on I can say that I would also love to live in Tenerife, and work there. It really is a paradise, but not in the “tourist” sense: it is a paradise for the quality of life, for its land and its people! See you soon!!

Marta Rossi


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