Maura Schmitt: “THANK YOU”

Thanks to the whole Menis family. It was a pleasure and a great opportunity being part of the process in the creation of passionate and emotional architecture in your team;


I am pleased to have the opportunity to work in such a familiar environment surrounded by enthusiastic people with different backgrounds and cultures and within the overwhelming landscape of Tenerife.


During my three months stay as an intern at Menis, I got the unique chance of being a member of a collective work. From the beginning I became acquainted with ongoing projects and assist in all layers of creating architecture: From the first design phase of experimental apartments for a private investor in Icod Tenerife, to photoshop visualizations for a culture centre in Pajara Fuerteventura, to the support of model buildings for the „Backstage“ exhibition at AEDES Architecture Forum in Berlin.


For me, all Menis projects are individual and follow an emphatic character to support the identity of the context and the quality of living sustainable.


Since the first moment in the office, I felt positive support. The people are not just colleagues they are friends and make your stay also beside the enjoyable work to an unforgettable experience.


Thank you for this unique opportunity and an extra shaping period in my life.


Lots of love



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