Jardín Botánico/Parque del Drago

Awards: Competition_ 1er Prize Description:

The Drago tree of Icod de los Vinos, is the oldest of this endemic tree species in the Canary Islands. This project achieved to release both sides of the ravine where the old road, removed in our architectural project and placed in a more appropriate place, turned. The grounds of the park are replanted with native species where they grow naturally. The Drago Tree Park has recovered the natural and cultural heritage of the area.

Tecnhical Data: Architects: Fernando Menis, Felipe Artengo Rufino, José Maria Rodriguez Pastrana. Location: Icod de los Vinos. Tenerife. Spain. Use: Landscape. Estructure: Steel. Client: Dirección General de Medio Ambiente. Status: Built. 1995.

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